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how to close the sales deal
by Corey Teramana

PREPARE. Prepare. prepare, prepare! As a sales person we must know our product in-and-out. When I was in sales I

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set smart goals
by Corey Teramana

Want to set a goal while using the industry gold standard structure? In this powerful blog we’re going to talk

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by Corey Teramana

Imagine that you could train your brain this year and it would support you for the rest of your life!

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your road map to success
by Corey Teramana

This is my favorite tool in my belt… I’m going to show you how to set up “PRECISE” results and

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find your support team
by Corey Teramana

Believe me… No one like doing life all alone! Like the Beatles say, We get by with a little help

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create an action plan
by Corey Teramana

In the previous blog article titled, “How to create your best 30 day goal,”(opens in a new tab) we focused

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create your best 30 day goal
by Corey Teramana

In the world of picking a mate, one could say… “There are many possible mates for me, but one (sometimes

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how to prepare your spirit for success
by Corey Teramana

In this blog article we’ll focus on preparing your Spirit for lasting success, inner balance and harmonious events by meditating

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how to create a positive affirmation
by Corey Teramana

Ok, let’s get started looking at what positive affirmations look like. As a note,most negative or disempowering beliefs and thoughts

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How to prepare your mind for success
by Corey Teramana

In today’s blog, we focus on how to prepare our minds for success by creating a VERY POWERFUL AND POSITIVE

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