Gratitude: The Lost Art

Too often we are hard on ourselves and feel bad about our lack of progress we are making at our goals.

Feeling guilt is usually the culprit. All because we missed days at the gym, or we couldn’t stop eating those unhealthy items that are always staring at us from the candy or soda isle.

But that is looking from the wrong perspective, and it will almost guarantee a lack in progress towards your goal.

Always look back and see what you have accomplished so far. Be grateful that you’ve managed to make progress and feel that pride in doing so. You deserve that feeling.

Take myself for example, I’ve missed a ton of days at the gym and at the yoga studio when I had goals of getting back in shape. I felt plenty guilty. There were times when I splurged on junk food and I felt bad. There were times when I went into a space of total disorganization, and I had 50 unread emails, not responded to.

But focusing on those negative feelings took power over me, I would have probably given up then and there, never reaching my goals.
Sure I didn’t hit the deadline, they key is the just look back at the work already accomplished, celebrate the successes no how matter how small they seem. No more beating yourself up!

December 11th, 2019 by