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July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

Want to set a goal while using the industry gold standard structure?

In this powerful blog we’re going to talk about a the S.M.A.R.T. method because it’s been around for a long time and it works very well…

Again, I didn’t create this method, I just improved on it to fit our specific use and our accelerated timeline. It works well for creating a Goal or a Mantra to reprogram a subconscious mind (belief system).  


The acronym for the S.M.A.R.T. Method stands for:

     S: Specific

     M: Measurable

     A: Attainable

     R: Results driven

     T: Time based


So check the goal you’re thinking about commiting to and ask yourself …


Is it Specific? To do this or to do that…

Is it Measurable? To lose 8 lbs, to get 1,000 people in a group

Is it Attainable? Something close to what you’re capable of

Is it Results driven? It will happen because of something you do

Is it Time based? Completed within 30 days


So, we’ll ask one more time… Is the goal you’ve chosen the best BEST 30 Day Goal you can accomplish with lots of help and support? 


Ok great… that part is complete and you now have your BEST 30 day goal. If you’re still undecided, REACH OUT TO THE GROUP and ask for help!


Pro Tip: Create gradual steps to complete this so your body and mind work with you in completing it. Inside the subconscious, we work with the varying levels of worthiness in the psyche. 


Boiled down in the least technical way possible, we tend to realize the results in our life (and business) based on what our subconscious mind deems us as worthy of receiving. 

Action items: 

1.) Post your goal to the group and specifically say, “Here is my 30 day goal ____________ and Yes, I am open to support and questions to help me arrive at a deeper or more relevant issue.” Then others can ask you questions to help you arrive at an even better goal if available. Be open to feedback because we need others to see our blind spots. 


2.) Support others on their Day 6 goal posts with GOOD questions, not BS annoying or nit-picky questions. Meaning, what questions might you ask to help them arrive at a deeper concern or more authentic need. Sometimes it’s obvious to us, but not them 😉 

Pro Tip: When supporting someone else in the group (or in life) Remember, not to engage their ego. Come from a place of love and they’ll feel that oppose to feel attacked or made wrong. SUPER IMPORTANT!


If you haven’t yet,  watch the video training that goes with this article below and make a post in the Facebook Group page about any wins or struggles associated with this article. That link is here.

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How to successfully choose your goal
July 7th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

We’ve experienced the most amount of goals success with this simple goal preparation method. We set up goals for clients with a 10 day preparation period before attacking their desired outcome. Day #1 is all about “YOUR BIG WHY.” As in why the “HECK” are we doing this?

Knowing this and having clarity on “Your BIG Why” will carry you through all the challenges you’ll encounter on your goal journey.

Focus on one thing today and discover your authentic why. We’re going to set up this training in a very specific way so you can hyper focus on one thing per day. Do your best to stay current and keep up with our flow.

As it relates to your goal or biggest need, what is currently “at stake” for you in your life, business or relationship? Meaning, why is it MISSION CRITICAL that you succeed at this goal?

To register for free and get all the extended trainings visit:

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