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how to close the sales deal
July 9th, 2019 by Corey Teramana


Prepare. prepare, prepare! As a sales person we must know our product in-and-out. When I was in sales I struggled to close a deal due to my ability to consistently and appropriately talk about the product or service I was providing. When the client asked me more in-depth details about the thing they were interested in, I would fumble with the words which brought anxiety and lessened my confidence ending is less sales. 



This will vary slightly depending on the service or product you’re selling but there are many different ways to prospect including social media, online leads, cold calling, even door-to-door sales, events specific to your industry, meetup groups, the list goes on. Find what’s working best and fine tune the skills!

A neighbor who recently moved into my community put fliers on all the doors inviting us to a FREE yoga class on the upcoming Saturday morning to “get to know everyone”. I thought this was genius, Get clever with it, people!



This is by far one of the most important steps of the sales process. AFTER you introduce yourself it’s important to warm-up the client. Get to know them a little before you start firing away questions they could show resistance to. Ask questions. Leading, open-ended questions that will reveal the need for your product and why they should buy from you. The more information they can share with you the better you can create a tailored plan for them. Client needs come first! Building trust is SO important for not only maintaining customers but getting referrals.

Once you’re deemed “trustworthy” aside from feeling good about ourselves it’s a lot easier to get referrals.



After the warm-up and the needs assessment comes the pitch. Once we figure out the need and have identified the solution we make the sales pitch. Remember there should be a decent amount of confidence while pitching.  After asking them directly and getting them confirm their purchase will solve a need it’s time to fight the objections.

Pro-tip -if the warm-up and the needs assessment is done properly the objections should be minimal.



At this point you should be either expecting some resistance or you are just that good that they pull out their wallets or checks and start writing.

Be empathetic and listen closely to their objection. Adsorb it and go back to the needs assessment. They already said yes at this point we just need to remind them again why this is the right purchase. 

Often times you can bring out the application and just start filling it out. If all of the above is practiced and implemented properly they will just ease right into the close with a “will you be paying cash, card or check?” 



It is absolutely imperative that you send out a thank you card, or at least a phone call. Thanking them again and telling them it was a pleasure to meet and get to know them will build a lasting relationship. After this step we ask for referrals. Don’t be shy. Don’t hesitate.

“Mrs. Smith, since I provided such excellent service can you do me a favor and write down 5 different friends or family that might be interested in the service or product?” You’d be surprised at the results.

Lastly make sure to keep clients up to date on any changes or news about the product or service. It not only gives an opportunity to re-visit possibly for another need but to circle back around for referrals in the future. 


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